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Why choose breast implants?

Why choose breast implants? 💭

There are many reasons women consider breast augmentation. Breast Implants can give patients the breasts they have always wanted, for aesthetics reasons or because of severe breast asymmetry or a generic chest disorder. Breast Implants can boost women´s self-esteem. Whatever the reason, many women feel sexier and have an increased level of confidence following breast augmentation surgery.

However, at the end of the day, the most important reason is because:

⭐ Because YOU WANT TO

Get implants for yourself, not other people. Be sure to really ask yourself why you want to get breast implants. It should be for you alone—something that will make you feel better overall. Whatever your reasons for considering breast implants, finding the right board-certified Plastic Surgeon for your surgery, and researching the procedure are the first steps in this process. Before deciding to have Breast Augmentation surgery, it is essential to know the facts. Last month we prepared some questions to ask in your first consultation meeting with your Surgeon and how you should prepare for it.

🙋 If you are thinking of getting implants, make sure to talk to your Surgeon about all options available for you in terms of incision placement and implant placement. If you already had your surgery and you are not sure, contact your Surgeon for details. Ask your surgeon about what sensation to expect during your recovery. Your doctor will explain all in detail and answer any question you may have.

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