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Huge Mistakes Everyone Makes At Fancy Restaurants

A fancy restaurant is probably in your near future if you’ve got big dinner plans for an anniversary coming up or you just want to have a night out somewhere without paper napkins. But even if you think you know what you’re doing, there are mistakes you’re probably making at these upscale establishments.

If you want to go to your favorite diner, order a pork chop, and bathe it in ketchup, that’s your prerogative. For that matter, it’s your prerogative to eat the food you want any way you want to. But let’s be clear: If you go to an upscale restaurant, order a gourmet dish, and then ask for a run-of-the-mill condiment, you’re going to earn the ire of the chef.

In 2017, The Independent picked the brains of top chefs to determine some of their biggest diner-related pet peeves. Not surprisingly, taking liberties with condiments or other seasonings turned out to be a repeat offender. According to Helena Puolakka, the executive chef at London’s Nordic-French restaurant Aster, diners should never ask for Tabasco in a fine dining restaurant. Puolakka insists it’s, quote, “blasphemy.”

Richard Bainbridge, chef and proprietor of British restaurant Benedicts, also had a proverbial bone to pick with patrons not trusting chefs to properly season and sauce their food, saying,

“The worst thing a diner can do is put salt and pepper on their food before they have even tried it. Seasoning is individual to palate but they could at least give it a go first.”

Bottom line? If a dish’s seasoning just isn’t hitting the spot for some reason, let the chef know so they can meet your expectations and their own.

Watch the video for more about huge mistakes everyone makes at fancy restaurants!

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Condiment crudity | 0:23
Napkin no-nos | 1:40
Say no to the ‘bows | 2:22
The soup minefield | 3:07
That mysterious silverware | 3:49
Reservation rudeness | 4:31
Ignoring the dress code | 5:47
Calling out to your server | 6:51
Noshing bread the wrong way | 7:48
Pre-bussing your own table | 8:31
Fussing over the bill | 9:13


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