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The 4 Finger Gap With Your Breast Augmentation

I had a girl reach out to me this week who has breast implants but has a 3-4 finger gap between her breast implants and she was wondering why and how she can correct that. So, a couple of things play into that. So, first is anatomy. For some women their breasts just sit naturally further apart and when you put breast implants under there they’re still going to be naturally far apart. So, you have to take that into consideration, especially when you go under the muscle. So, if you go under the muscle and you already have a wide-set breast chest placement, then your muscle is going to be holding the implant in place. So, it’s going to be less likely to come together in the middle to give you cleavage.

So, for some women, if they explain this to their surgeons, they would recommend you get over the muscle implants because then you’re not having the chest muscles holding them in place on the sides. They’ll be more free to go towards the middle and give you that natural looking cleavage that you’re looking for.

Also, getting moderate profile implants are more likely to give you side boob than cleavage. So, if you are opposed to going over the muscle, you want to go under the muscle, then I would encourage you to maybe consider getting high profile implants because they will be more to the center and not so much to the side and give you…they won’t give you as much side boob, they’ll give you more projection in the front. So, it’ll be easier to bring them together with like, a push-up bra.

So, those are your options. Always talk to your surgeon to see what he or she recommends because they will be the ones that know your anatomy best.

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Saturday, January 22, 2022

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